New Balance invited CITIC brothers Jiang Zhixian issued a self declaration swipe, write a letter to your future self, is preparing for the 2017 World Baseball Classic he, after many times of peak and low ebb, face the next concern is to challenge, full of positive energy to their own expectations do not forget the original intention, boldly go into, will be difficult to advance the power of! In the future I "synchronous" Declaration of the athletes include tennis player Milos Raonic ranked fourth in the world, the 2016 World Indoor Championships, Boris Berian and Alexis Sablone world champion female skateboarding, expect to become more of their progress! As a sportsman backing, New Balance innovation evolution of sports equipment, set light weight, stable resilience, coated evolution and other characteristics, the launch of Vazee Prism and Fresh Foam Zante, a new generation of lightweight running shoes and run side by side with break through the limits of self, can really go out boldly, better yourself. is the "Chiang Pao" said Jiang Zhixian, graduated from high school in development, under the age of 20 into the selected Chinese baseball team, the road seems promising, cheap jordan shoes for men but after many setbacks, the body for congenital diabetes he have insulin injections every day, every game three rounds have a blood glucose test love, but still insist on a major league baseball, road challenge, chase after several more vocational school record low, for the upcoming two degrees in the World Baseball Classic, is in an Australian warm-up match Jiang Zhixian also remind you not to forget the original intention: "from playing baseball, wear gloves at the moment, baseball become indispensable in life. In the future I have on the field, attitude, enjoy the moment, boldly go! "The season hits record, continuous open has hit the fastest 30 hit rate, bang, 4 year 10 record, Jiang will a beautiful and happy of the first driving force for sustained beyond the difficulties, their own expectations can unreservedly make better performance, every step must be more progress. , New, Balance, Vazee, Prism, second generations New Balance innovation launched the second generation Vazee Prism series lightweight running shoes, light weight and stable speed boost that, to provide comprehensive support for the stability of runners in the heel insert in high density bottom arch Retro jordans for sale medial support, a double density settled stabilizing device, improve and prevent the landing smoothly over pronation, also equipped with ultra light REVlite the amount of shock in the end, it provides sensitive ground energy, double protection and stable acceleration effect. The shoe vamp structure and seamless fit, breathable mesh cloth double collocation of human engineering, which fit the coating, while maintaining a comfortable breathable, let the runners enjoy the release of each step. Men's price 3650 yuan, women's price 3550 yuan. , New, Balance, Fresh, Foam, Zante, third generations Fresh Fo〉adidas recently filmed a series of films called Sport 15, which became the key concept of the 2015 brand. The launch of the 60 seconds leading concept of the film, with the 'Take it' slogan throughout the audience, I hope to convey the honor of the past is not important, grasp every moment now, the results have not yet appeared before trying to win the fight, and create their own stage. At the same time for John Wall, Damian Lillard, Derrick Rose, Joakim Noah, DeMarco Murray, Lionel Messi, Gareth Bale, James Rodriguez, Luis Suarez, Long Beach, Poly UCLA, St. Xavier and C Retro jordans for sale ass Technical all star and school performance. In the new year, we will also see adiads carry out its shoes and different products in this new concept. V=uiQVkoDlBbQ#t=39?Lebron James has faced many challenges in the 11 years of occupation career into the league, was also questioned by everyone, but in the ups and downs, he is still to prove their actual performance, showing a lion like brave heart, whether in the physical or psychological test, with strong the determination to confront, and this trait is' Heart of a 'Lion color inspiration. The shoes will be available for sale around the world in November 30th. Other color related messages can be found in the station. previously has brought a lot of small Boost share for Boost, including small personally tested Boost material elastic film, the first time to analyze characteristics of New York shoes ADIDAS BOOST Shoes / watch ENERGY first analysis! Or bring the event pictures of New York watch INNOVATION DAY / ADIDAS survey interview shoe shoe, I believe you also prospecting and small part for Boost's future is full of expectations, in fact, from Taiwan officially listed 3/2 only for t cheap jordans online wo days, the first wave of Taiwan listed will have four color, each of the two men and women color options, as there will be those color, small first secrecy, taken by a lot of wonderful shoes: Photography US10, very complete presentation of Boost's sense of technology and product characteristics, in addition to Boost filled with elastic particles, contrast lines generated by the techfit surface shoes is to let people appreciate the visual experience, with a more solid shoe is popular avant-garde atmosphere. BOOST read . source: US10's shoes story Nike Air VaporMax 'College Navy' in Taiwan area in June 2nd debut, the price of 6500 yuan, we have now released prospecting shoe finishing selling dealer link in the Facebook way, the actual selling way and the place to store transaction mechanism please announcement. The shoes sold more messages can also be a reference station listing report. is the world intellectual movement source: Nike by the 16 countries, 30 students participated in the World Sneaker Championship world shoes design competition came to an end, after a knockout, select the current quarterfinals. The final winner will be decided by the votes! World Snea cheap jordans for sale mens ker Championship world sneaker design competition aims to give young, aspiring shoe designers have a sophisticated skills and design stage can show their talents, and finally won the championship of the works can be sold on the market of real shoes products. The students in accordance with the sponsor brand and type is divided into: Nike (Women s Sportswear), Under Armour (Basketball), JORDAN (Training), Adidas (Running), PONY (Heritage), New Brand (Value), Android Homme (Designer) and UNDFTD (Collector). 's final design will be published and selected on PENSOLE, Footwear, Design, Academy, and the internet. Meanwhile, eight players will display their designs at FN Platform, the largest footwear trade show in North america. In addition, the final voting results will be announced on FN Platform platform on Wednesday, the United states. through the following works, if they are interested in their design, they can vote for these works at Zia Ahmad / Pakistan / UNDFTD (Collector) Sara Jaramillo / Colombia / Nike (Women s Sportswear) Jesus Gerate / Mexico / Target (Value) Jonathan Guisbert / USA / Under Armour (Basketball) Daniel Raes / USA / Adidas (Running) Elizabet cheap jordans for sale h Steenwyk / USA / JORDAN (Training) Stefan Cristobal / Philippines / Android Homme (Designer) Danny Chambers / USA / PONY (Heritage)Ben Simmons, from the Louisiana State University (LSU) is only 19 years old, although only a couple, but in the game NCAA has a very good performance (averaged 19.2 points and 11.8 rebounds, 4.8 assists and 2 steals), with excellent physical quality, since March this year announced the decision to put the NBA draft after has been as the top candidate. However, in addition to in the draft will hold the hands of the first round of the team wants to sign a front he will be satisfied to flag, on the other hand, the sports brand is chasing Ben Simmons hopes to make it become their endorsement of players, after all in his freshman season outstanding performance, the potential to become generally optimistic about the new star the next generation occupies a space for one person in the league in the figure, which is currently in Nike and Adidas the two brands most actively negotiate with the opportunity to bid and strong; Nice Kicks creative director Nick DePaula the Yahoo! Sports mentioned a report written by Ben Simmons, Klutch Sports Group and hi cheap foamposites s management team will first and Adidas meet in Losangeles today, then meet at the weekend and Nike, listen to both sides of quotation and plan, players may be the fastest in the NBA draft pick to sign Announced (May 17th) before the decision will be made after all, then if the preceding sign sequence obtained by small market teams, the media exposure, such as commercial scale than the big city such as Losangeles will drop, the sports brand will be the joint factors into consideration, and although Ben Simmons has excellent talent and NCAA performance, but the past is as the so-called "big" or super rookie into NBA after, or suffered injuries The climate does not suit one. and tends to dull examples and ever less? As far as business is concerned, the brokerage team certainly hopes that the sooner it will be finalized, the better it will be, so as to avoid any external factors affecting the value. according to sources of two brands are expected to provide a multi year contract, and the amount of time is likely to be John Wall Andrew Wiggins, according to the sign of the year champion specifications: a period of five years, an annual average of about falling between 200-30 Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping 0 million dollar contract, to launch signature shoes the best treatment conditions, but will at least have a personal PE shoes. The recent Ben Simmons respectively was used Nike LeBron 13, Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 and Air Jordan 1, also see not too out exactly where the heart is, but the current situation is generally Nike can successfully predict the parties to solicit the future star, he came from high school to university is to use Nike shoes 〉3D printing technology has been developing for more than 30 years, and in recent years, as technology matures, it has begun to be discussed by the public and will be popularized in the future. This kind of material through intensive stack, accumulation of 3D technology has also attracted the attention of the sports brand and have invested in R & D, hoping to help 3D to shorten the process, reduce the printing supplies, and more precisely to create a line with the needs of the athletes' equipment. last week in the industry prestigious HP (HP) company officially announced the launch of its first commercial 3D printer, CEO Dion Weisler also said that the brand exclusive core technology will make the operation time is 10 times Cheap air jordans for sale faster than the industry and the cost is lower, this news came out, has been active in innovation change the Nike quickly also said publicly that they have and HP (HP) company established technical cooperation, eager to show the further development of 3D printing technology ambitions. In fact, Nike engaged in this field of exploration also has more than three years of experience in the past, including Nike Vapor HyperAgility football shoes chassis, ten pentathlon athlete Ashton Eaton tailored head cover, bag and football in March this year when new published as sprinter Allyson Felix Nike Zoom Superfly Flyknit is trying to import the technical assistance, of course the ultimate goal is bound to spread to the general consumer masses, so that everyone can have a more appropriate sports equipment itself and the top professional players. on the Nike Innovation alliance cooperation, President of Tom Clarke said: "Nike's innovation is all for the best player in the world, over the past few years we have been using 3D printing technology to create footwear products excellent performance. Nike is excited to partner with HP (HP) as a partner to speed up and expand our existing ca Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping pabilities, and we will continue to explore new areas to produce high-performance products that will help athletes reach their potential. "Although the two sides did not disclose too many details of the cooperation, but cooperation will potential can foresee the two leading brands in the near future burst out dazzling light, to answer how to let the time to tell us. source: Nike this with a dark blue based colors pale blue Swooh, wing of the tongue logo and the end of, and supplemented with white upper, the tongue is printed with Chris Paul's personal logo to indicate the identity. This Jordan Air 1 High CP3" "Retro; will be officially debut in December 20th, like the friends can not miss. more the latest shoes running shoes, NBA anecdotes and sports knowledge, please pay attention to the most Niubi sports equipment community [when off], microblogging search "when", micro channel search dunkhome and extra welfare wayward send. source: hbThe city night in 2010-3-2 08:53 editing nike-hyperdunk-zoom-kobe-v-aston-martin-db9-pack-lead.jpg (58.71 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-3-2 08:51 upload Remember The nike-hyperdunk-zoom-kobe-v-aston-martin-db9-pack-16.jpg (84.04 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-3-2 08:51 upload nike-hyperdunk-zoom-kobe-v-aston-martin-db9-pack-10.jpg (83.17 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-3-2 08:51 upload nike-hyperdunk-zoom-kobe-v-aston-martin-db9-pack-15.jpg (86.84 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-3-2 08:51 upload nike-hyperdunk-zoom-kobe-v-aston-martin-db9-pack-4.jpg (89.54 KB, download number: 0) 〉Havaianas-Aways-Summer-10.jpg (667.91 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2015-7-22 21:55 uploadto bicycles, I believe that a lot of bicycle dream dream of daily life. If coupled with material reward, really envy others. Actually in recent years, there have been many countries adopted very generous incentives, to step on a bicycle to and from work of public money allowance, hope may work and thereby reduce public cars or motorcycles, while giving the step on bicycle citizens a subsidy. Now let us count the next countries to encourage to bike to work attitude, to see which country the most attractive incentives. France: 1 kilometers each step will be 0.25 euro from June 2014 onwards, romantic French simply to the back - to stimulate commuters to provide public money subsidies as a reward. Per step 1 km will receive 0.25 Euro funding, assuming participation plan people working away from home about five stations, with bicycles per month can get 50 to 60 euros in grants. At present, the plan is still in the pilot phase. Belgium: 1 km per ride car can be reduced by 0.15 euros of tax in Belgium, the bicycle tax reduction program has been implemented for 5 years, and now the bicycle travel to occupy 8% of the total number of trips in belgium. Since 1989, Holland has carried out an employer's transport plan to encourage employees to choose a good health and environmental transport vehicle. For example, some companies recommend to the staff of the annual tax plan, employees can be reduced by 0.15 per 1 kilometers per car tax. Korea: cycling to work every month more than 15 days can be 30 thousand won 's early years, the South Korean administrative security department launched the 2010 bicycle promotion program". In Gyeongnam Changwon, South Chungcheong Province in Daejeon, etc. two pilot cities, monthly cycling to work more than 15 days of people can get 3 million won (about 183 yuan) subsidy of more than. Holland: Enterprise Award in a variety of ways from the beginning of 1989, Holland on the implementation of the employer traffic plan, to encourage employees to choose a healthy environment and transportation. Especially from the autumn of 2008, "the implementation of flow management tasks" urges enterprises to actively and governments to jointly promote the plan. The enterprise to work in various ways to reward employees to ride. for example: employees through the company to buy duty-free bicycle, price straight down half; some companies monthly will traffic allowance, stimulate the staff riding a bicycle the cheapest, in order to obtain more profits, some companies will be free to employees provide bicycle, raincoat and his bicycle accessories; some companies may also be annexed to the parking garage, and ride to work staff dedicated shower and locker room; also some companies to staff recommended the "annual tax integration plan, employees per ride 1 km car can be reduced to 0.15 euros (1 euro is about RMB 8.3 yuan) of the tax. Japan: monthly 2000-9100〉