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scarves warm and tender, like love valentine to sweet delight, its beauty is everywhere, a small scarf can make a charming woman become a Zizi flavored scene! with windbreaker We should windbreaker and scarves is the most classical collocation. If the dark coat collocation something colorful scarves, if it is a light, light khaki, collocation scarf look a little better oh ~ collocation shirt come early autumn season to wear a shirt fits ~ but only a shirt would be a bit monotonous, line white shirt with the scarf knot just a good seaman ~The red shirt wave size black velvet shirt, let ~ become the highlight of the body and neck you light blue striped shirt with dark blue scarf looks more texture, autumn can also play a role for ~ cold with suits We camel collocation suits and white shirts to what the body does not bright, with a scarf a spirit of a lot of ~ you black suit in the choice of scarves color can be more bold, the pattern can choose square or stripe ~ collocation T-shirt if to wear scarf so we must choose the basic T-shirts, T-shirts or pure black and white T-shirt, or look too fancy The role of in the largest size silk dress collocation is increased and the bright spot, a suit of clothes not too bright, so pure black, white and gray collocation T-shirt would be more attractive to ~ with coat We the same way, with a dark autumn jacket, Tan, khaki general, a scarf collocation can make clothes not so lifeless, the color should be bright color clothes than a scarf with sweater you'd better choose scarves collocation sweater collar or collar sweater is V, which can make the shape of the neck is more beautiful ~ with dresses, print dress with long scarf is very popular recently to wear the SCARF ~ natural set in the neck, middle tie a small belt, interesting pictures will know ~We so these nice line in the end is how line? The first one: square became a strip second trick: knot The third measure: with elastic 1. with a rubber band around . 2. will be mended ring 8 words, the scarf in a corner of the cross band below the circle of 3., on the other side, go around that circle too. A bow shaped scarf is finished, ~ you hand a small towel to become fashionable decorations with hand, watch bracelet is also very nice oh ~ bag decoration print scarves with sachet, back rate high ~ can be in the drawstring place, also can be in large.Nike SB and Geoff McFetridge recently recently again to bring a pair of joint series for Blazer, both the abstract and the tension of the belt to the classic style of shoes, by a suede over cheap foamposites boots body with beige tone, followed by Swoosh and orange contrast and black and White Embroidery handwritten font "SB" on as with details, and finally carrying signs of white rubber outsole. the day before, the General Administration of Customs released data, the first quarter of this year, Chinese import and export value fell by 3.7%, the data to make the market chill. However, in recent days to show from Quanzhou customs data, the first quarter of this year, Quanzhou foreign trade import and export 42 billion 840 million yuan, an increase of 5.5%, of which exports 23 billion 670 million yuan, an increase of 15.7%, imports 19 billion 170 million yuan, down 4.9%, the trade surplus of 4 billion 500 million yuan. "from the perspective of foreign trade, Quanzhou's total import and export value, export value in the province's overall decline in the situation, to maintain contrarian growth."." Relevant officials said that the data will help boost the Spring Festival is preparing for the confidence of the spring fair. it is understood that the first quarter of Stephen enterprises exports to the EU 5 billion 70 million yuan, an increase of 32.2%, 7.8% decline in exports to ASEAN 3 billion 330 million yuan, and exports to Hongkong 3 billion 50 million yuan, an increase of 22.3%, the three together accounted for 48.4% of total exports over the same period in Quanzhou city. The main export commodities are clothing, footwear, textiles, yarn and fabrics, umbrellas, suitcases and bags, agricultural products, plastic products, furniture, stone products, etc.. "Export characteristics are still not much change, it also revealed that the pace of innovation in the spring enterprise restructuring still need to accelerate."." Relevant personage reminds to say. (editor in chief: Asia shoes industry)1-131202093231404.jpg (80.92 KB, download number: 0) download 2013-12-2 09:44 upload 1-13120209323W56.jpg (85.32 KB, download number: 0) download 2013-12-2 09:44 upload 1-131202093244E8.jpg (80.43 KB, download number: 0) download 2013-12-2 09:44 upload 1-131202093222420.jpg (66.51 KB, download number: 0) download 2013-12-2 09:44 upload 1-1312020932534Q.jpg (117.05 KB, download number: 0) download 2013-12-2 09:44 upload lovers, Oregon, yellow shoes, 00 lettersBritish brand Orlebar Brown announced and online website MR PORTER joint ride series. This collaboration Orlebar Brown did not use their own signs swimsuit, but the main casual clothing, pastel gray and blue tones, bring a sweater, shirt, jacket, T-shirt, trousers and other single product, Retro jordans for sale a whole showed British mature style. Currently, the co-series has been commercially available in the MR PORTER, like friends do not miss.annual Max Day Air has come to an end, in March 26th the same day, is located in Beijing Drum Tower East Street, the old shoe store DEAL Beijing Drum Tower also carried out Max Day Air activities. Inherited before held in Hong Kong on max air con, in the shop in the deal also exhibited the for the Nike HTM three creation mastermind Hiroshi Fujiwara, Mark Parker, Tinker Hatfield created air max new shoes. Beside the voting area for you Sneakerhead on-site interaction, let you able to rely on their own strength to their favorite air max shoes once again return, engraved on sale. In another display area, it is since the 1987 Max Air series was officially born, the classic Max Air shoes, one one on display in which the people are very heart itch. source: kid& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - shoe story] spring of 1985, the United States hundreds of millions of TV viewers saw such an ad: a basketball quickly rolls to the pitch at one end, waiting there easily with a handsome guy wearing colored sneakers foot hook the ball into the hands, start the ball moving, at the same time, blaring noise of the engine engine roar of the engine getting louder and louder, young man followed soar. The last 10 seconds of advertising is Jordan's "Walk in the Clouds", even though the audience had never seen a basketball game, also lamented in his superb skills. This ad is not only proof of Jordan has a special ability to fly, also hinted at his feet and the shoes are also necessarily linked to this. In this ad, that magical guy is the famous NBA sports star Michael? Jordan, his feet a pair of sneakers is the famous brand "Nike." Before retirement, Jordan ???????: "? Phil Knight and Nike turned me into a fantasy figure." This is the inside of the Knight "Nike," the founder, he put a small company into a large Group, the once unknown superstar Michael Jordan pushed to the position. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; 1938 years an ordinary boy born in the United States, and then, like most of their peers, he likes sports, playing basketball, baseball, running, His name is Phil? Knight, as a general ordinary young man, his Adidas, Puma brand is very familiar with this kind of sports, but the unexpected is, is this extraordinary young man, after creating a new brand - Nike, Adidas dominance even more than in the sports field. Knight has been very fond of sports, his high school paper almost entirely with sports-relat Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale ed, even universities chose the headquarters of the US Track and Field - University of Oregon. Although Knight likes sports, but only a mediocre score of 1 mile Runners, his worst score of 4 minutes 13 seconds, almost did not enter the ranks of world-class athletes (score of 4 points), and like him almost Too many people! But fortunately so, otherwise we would not see today a great entrepreneur. In Oregon, Knight met his lifelong mentor, is their coach, Bill? Bowerman. Bowerman 1950s had a row to break the world marathon record, Eugene, Oregon, and thus also famous. He is extremely ambitious man, bent to make their sports teams than any other team. Training and competition, the athlete's foot disease is the most common offenders, Bowerman he wanted to design a shoe, the bottom light and sound support, small friction and stability, thus reducing athletes foot pain, get a good result. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; So, Bowerman designed the pieces of sneakers pattern. He found several shoe companies, but no one cares about him, ask yourself altogether stubborn Bowerman cobbler, learned shoemaking, in the last Games, the athletes put on his handmade by his appearance ugly but lightweight and comfortable shoes, ran the results are good ranking than any previous game. After graduation, Knight continued to pursue MBA degree from Stanford University, and Bowerman continued to do track and field coach and athletic footwear design in college. In 1960, Knight graduated. During his investigation report mentioned in a lot of sports star and ordinary athletes actually have a common goal: to defeat Adidas, so that more and more athletes wear the Japanese production of high quality and low price of running shoes --Tigers Tiger . Knight decided after graduation to Japan to look for an opportunity. Exhibitions in Japan, Knight met in Japan Tiger sports shoes manufacturers, he claimed to be from the United States "Blue Ribbon Campaign Company," Tiger just need an agent to enter the US market, so he took the right agent He gave the inexperienced young man. Get the right agent to find the Bowerman Knight Now, both of them contributed $ 500, consisting of a real blue ribbon sports company, to become the exclusive distributor of Tiger sports shoes in the United States, began the initial start. The "Blue Ribbon" is the "Nike" predecessor. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Nike brilliant start-up time, no warehouse, Knight Knight father put stock in the basement of the house, he and Bowerman two people a tube Financial, a tube design, with very understanding. He ha jordans on sale online s proven to predict the market is correct, this cheap sports shoes sell well, the first year it sold $ 8,000 worth of goods. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; 1968 years after Bowerman restructuring Cortez shoes had become Tiger sports shoes most popular products, and Knight for the company's development and lay a solid financial basis. The company's business began to improve them. Soon, the Japanese company products sell well aware, we ask them to transfer after the first shipment. As a result, Bowerman their cost will be greatly improved, and had to redouble their efforts to sell. But Japan is also often not on time delivery, and even the first-class goods remain secretly sold in Japan, the defect to the United States. Once they receive a number of shoes Bowerman, Customer wore two weeks, on the separation of the upper sole. They had to swallow in order to maintain credibility, promptly returned to the customer. Even more exasperating is that Tiger also sent representatives to Eugene, Bowerman offered to buy 51% of shares, and accounted for two seats in the five directors, if you deny this request, immediately stop delivery. Make things difficult for the Japanese suffered unbearable Bowerman and Knight, flatly rejected the non-parts requirements. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Knight and Bowerman decided to open one of their own company, he named Nike, which is based on the name of the Greek god of victory and taken . The NIKE name, in the eye of the West was very lucky, easy to read and easy to remember, it can scream loud. They quickly launched a "Nike" name sports shoes, and mesh beautifully designed trademark. Nike, the famous "a hook" trademark eye-catching, with a visually appealing, as well as sports shoes and other sporting goods should have the kind of movement, a symbol of strength and speed. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; In order to advertise, Knight and his wife hand-printed T-shirts to Nike Olympic preliminaries of the field distribution, but to see people have asked: "Who is Nike?" But in the game, Knight a little way out of the limelight, to be persuaded to use this new shoes marathon athlete finished fourth to seventh, while wearing Adidas shoes athletes preselected race is eligible for the top three. In the athletic footwear industry, Nike is facing fierce competition. Knight and Bowerman aware of: If you can not develop a product better than it is now a new product, they did not want to increase market share. And, so far, the US footwear manufacturers produced far less than the former Federal Republic of Germa air jordan 11 space jam for sale ny Adidas company's foreign shoes. In 1975, a Sunday morning, Bowerman playing in baked waffle iron mold of a urethane rubber, used it to make a new type of shoe soles, in this waffle-style shoes fitted with small rubber nails, so that the elastic soles are stronger than the elastic popular on the market other shoe. This looks very simple product improvement, Knight and Bowerman became the starting point for the cause. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; 1976, Nike $ 8.3 million the previous year soared to $ 14 million. It's like wildfire, as it developed, the company is developing new style running shoes and spend huge amounts of money. In these improvements, Nike Air gives the left a deep impression. Nike Air heel is used to embed the inflatable cushion, it is the company's footwear technology trump card. It kept longer than the elastic foam sponge or rubber. Comfortable and smooth. Now, almost all produced authentic Nike Nike sports shoes are embedded with such a cushion. Interestingly, consumers are not aware of this mystery, however, but this is exactly what Nike high-quality, high-performance, high-quality lies. How to do it? Sales planners so in the advertising moving some brains. Soon a very unique yet attractive posters appeared. In a Nike shoe heel opened two "windows", people through the "window" to see the soles of Nike Air. Painting posters greatly attract consumers and make them understand at a glance than at Nike sneakers came out on top of the other. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; the next two years, "Nike" followed on sales quadrupled. By the late 1970s, Nike has nearly 100 researchers, many of whom have a degree in biology, chemistry, experimental biology, engineering, industrial design, chemistry and a variety of related fields. This strong research strength developed more than 140 different styles of products, many products are the most innovative and market the most advanced technology. These styles are based on different foot type, weight, running speed, training programs, gender and level of technology design. These different styles, different prices and multi-purpose products, attracting thousands of runners and make them feel Nike is to provide the most complete variety of running shoes manufacturer, millions all kinds, of all abilities runners have such a concept. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; against the never-ending corporate philosophy, to the 1979 Nike through the planning and the strong market for new products to sell, market share reached 33 percent, finally squeezed into the original by the Adidas, cheap air jordans Puma and Tiger built "iron triangle", a sales star. By 1981, its market share even reached 50 percent, ahead of Adidas, while Knight himself running into the "Forbes" magazine coveted US 400 list of the richest people. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Nike culture "sports, performances, free and easy freedom of sportsmanship" is the pursuit of personalized Nike's corporate culture. This has the distinct characteristics of the corporate culture from the traditional concept of corporate image, Nike is the adventurous spirit of the pioneering companies in their verdant company is located in Oregon, has been cultivating a culture of well-designed, a veteran of Nike The manager once recalled: "It was like in a friendship environment full of hand, foot and work colleagues together happy to drink, stop talking about sports, and active and self-proclaimed anti-traditional character.." Every six months , Knight of the management team to meet and discuss strategy. The quarreling parties to "tit for tat" with. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Knight always encourage confrontation, or even encourage confrontation, and he, like everyone else, to accept other people's loud accusations. Nike business location, like the campus, have a forest, jogging trails, lakes, football field. Knight wanted to create a peaceful working environment, he thinks the world has confused enough, working hours should like home free. On the famous Nike ad strategy, also showed vitality different from others. Type of Nike athletes looking different from Adidas, they maverick, strong personality, irritability, aggressive,. Such as tennis star John McEnroe, people always see his rage on the tennis court, with the authority of their quarrel. There are tennis star Andre Agassi, his beard, long hair disheveled, the jeans cut pants as tennis, tennis and this denim pants will become Nike's specialty products. With these big sports stars QUICKER advertising, Nike sports shoes are no longer just a sports shoe, and became idols and symbols of social status. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; 1984, Nike endorsers strategy began to re-establish their own image. He and Jordan signed a five-year contract, but also the conditions to grant Jordan Nike's stock, as well as an unprecedented courtesy, to use Jordan's name on the Nike sports shoes. Almost all of them think that this is a fool talented, but a spokesperson for it. But Knight insisted on doing this, the impact of Nike Jordan is enormous. Jordan, who embodies the energy, the prestige, the superb level of competition and exciting sp jordans on sale mens orts spirit, his ideal weight than any Nike logo. With the Jordan, Nike has created a new brand, "soar Jordan" (AirJordon), producing colorful basketball shoes and matching apparel. Advertising campaign "soar Jordan" is the success, but also the brand war victory in the first annual sales as high as $ 100 million. Jordan first wear the sneakers have been subjected to the prohibition of NBA officials, who believe that a violation of the league's dress code. Nike keenly feel this is a golden opportunity to conduct public relations activities, then launched an advertising solidarity, declared that "soar Jordan" was banned because it "revolutionary design." Results Nike and "soar Jordan" boarded the cover of countless newspaper headlines, NBA siege. Finally ending in favor of Nike ended. Advertising with athletes is that many people will think of, but the most successful, only Knight! & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; also known that many people "just do it", the hero of the first "Just do it" advertising is a wheelchair athlete Clegg? Brown repair, advertising slogan that appears in the black background of anti-white. Slogan did not read aloud, but it evokes a generation resonance. It is reminiscent of an obese man to postpone his weight loss plan, staff were busy by other things that upset the fitness activities and participate in sports activities dream was all the affairs of man interrupted. It was like Nike urging people to exercise, immediately go to action, to achieve.Chinese shoes network Jan. 1 hearing, for investment funds, I have always believed that its primary mission is to give investors a return. And not only a return to investors, but also produce a certain impact on society, on socio-economic development has played a positive role in promoting the fund is undoubtedly very good, very successful fund. Sequoia Capital's goal is to become such a society is also beneficial both for investors funds. Of course, to achieve this goal, we need the entire economic life, the most time to capture the highlights, the most growth potential. In Silicon Valley, the capital are generally more optimistic about the new technology and the new economy, investors in Silicon Valley who also put all their energy bets on so-called technical innovations, which prompted the US Semiconductor in the 1970s and 1980s software, 90 Internet era, and after the rise of biotechnology, which also contributed to the rapid development of the US economy. Among them, the Sequoia United States is a very successful example. Over the years, it has successfully seize every change, e jordan 3 katrina 2018 very trend, and not just grab a a business. But overall, after three decades of development, in addition to the brilliant and new energy had emerged in recent years, the United States rarely able to break through and the rapid emergence of the explosive development of the industry. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; but the contrary, China is facing another scene. In China, the industry's explosive growth potential is very large, they are not just limited to the Internet, software and other industries. Also very interesting it is that the growth of China's software (23.59,0.15,0.64%) sectors may also compare some of our so-called traditional industries, such as the sporting goods industry. In China, sports undoubtedly be considered a traditional industry, but it is far more than the annual growth rate of our so-called emerging industry - the software industry growth rate. So, in China, which the industry is a traditional industry, which is an emerging industry, it does not matter to us, we value these industries is whether there is explosive, whether there is predictability of positive changes. We care about the pattern of changes in the industry, which concern the industry will be a huge room for growth in the whole social change, therefore we do not need to invest in the industry define the traditional and non-traditional. Based on this concept, we invested in the Olympic and agricultural interests. Peak is a very typical Chinese consumer products manufacturing sports business, from production to sales which are very traditional, and even up to now have not yet own Internet sales channels. 30 years ago, it is only a Language Quanzhou, acting as Nike and Adidas factory old enterprise, which many enterprises in Fujian, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, like today. But 10 years ago, the Olympic operators recognize that consumption in China is about the projection environment, Chinese manufacturing is not necessarily the best way of business development. So they began to focus on creating "Olympic" brand, but after a decade of efforts, finally will make the Chinese Olympic sports goods market leader, and Li Ning, Anta along with the top three. Linon also a very traditional business, but now it is China's largest manufacturer of green vegetables, it produces broccoli, small pumpkin, cherry tomatoes in China's market share in the first place, and these are in High-end products. From the management perspective, these sectors are very traditional industry, a traditional management philosophy, but I think, these industries also need strong execution capability and brand identification, an jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black d these requirements are not traditional. In the US, the pattern of these industries has been formed decades ago, it is difficult to produce large companies. But for China, the industry structure is far from forming, market awaiting development, I think this is an opportunity Sequoia Capital. This is America unthinkable. 10 years later, when the Olympic all points of sale throughout China second and third tier cities, when consumers buy high-end vegetables from agricultural companies benefit from the supermarket, as Olympic and Linon earliest supporters and the shareholders, Can we not believe, Sequoia Capital on the formation and development of China's economic structure at least contributed their bit modest it? For us, this is actually a very important mission, and we are also able to achieve investors, portfolio companies and benefit society, because our investment cultivate a successful business, providing a huge employment and learning opportunities, but also to provide an opportunity for Chinese people to enjoy the new goods and services. It was a successful fund should have quality, and this is the reason the United States so respected Sequoia. Because people have not seen it in semiconductors, software, Internet development prospects of these enterprises when investing, helping these companies grow, thereby enabling these enterprises in the United States after three decades of economic development catalyst. Similarly, in China, we also hope to be able to successfully play such a role, to play our role in promoting social development among major. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; In the specific operation, we can learn from the business models and technology overseas in many places, but we are certain foothold in China. For example, when choosing investment targets, we rarely invest in overseas markets, mainly those of enterprises, and why? Because China has a huge consumer market, China is the most attractive place. As long as a product is welcomed by consumers in China, then it will be very, very large growth potential. Pick and Lee agricultural achievements, it is very clear evidence of this. And which is the basis of our transition to Chinese consumption and likely made in China. What is the "Made in China"? China is to sell products overseas to go, and "Chinese consumption" is the Chinese production of its own brand, and in domestic consumption. For us, this is a great opportunity. In the global economic crisis, China's domestic market did experience a test in the past 12 months of data is very clearly illustrates this point. After the economic crisis, buy cheap jordans online many people expressed doubts about China's domestic demand, but the development of the enterprise itself, we are still in a stage of rapid growth. Of course, there is a question of scale, such as five years ago, may be based on the Olympic double, triple the rate of growth, and growth this year is likely to only 50% -60%, but the growth is still present. The reason is that we are concerned about these traditional industries and people's lives. In the fourth quarter of last year and the first quarter of this year, when domestic economic growth encountered challenges, people will not give up Is consumer brands vegetables, brand clothing desire it? Will not. Because these consumer spending accounts for only a small part is the biggest buyers, car and so on in people's overall consumption, but also it may increase or decrease as incomes have some corresponding adjustments, vegetables, sportswear or baby milk powder and the like The consumer will not be much adjustment. Of course, not all investments must focus on these sectors, what kind of capital for the industry engaged in what should be decided by the capital itself. In addition to opening a huge consumer market, China is more benign investment environment to attract us for a reason. In fact, whether it is foreign or domestic, whether it is the high-tech industry investment in traditional industries, or the most basic things, government concern, is an investment finally able to produce what kind of social effect. If an investment not only provide the community with a large number of employment opportunities, providing excellent products and services, while revenue for the Government, that there is no doubt that the government will give support at all levels of the investment. In addition, the government also strongly support entrepreneurship, provide 200,000 to 300,000 in start-up loans for a number of university students without any guarantees, we believe this is very rare in the world. In view of the above two points, I still firmly believe that as long as the stick to the Chinese market, as long as there is good management philosophy, good investment direction, a good management team, can get any return on capital. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; here, the amount of the return of capital to focus on certain industries concerned. I recently the industry over the past five years we have made the investment involved a simple review. By reviewing, I found the Chinese market, while significant, does have a lot of industries with growth potential, but we can not afford, or do not have the expertise to address all of these may bring us rewards in the industry. In fact, this is a very normal phenomenon, any funds if it does not focus, do not focus on what it does best in the industry, and that it will lose their core competencies, and then lose the market. Because the fund can not be established in every industry expertise. If someone asked me today, the real estate industry, you have no in-depth understanding? To be honest, I did not. Mining there? I do not have either. Why? Because I did not intend to carry out the scale of investment in these sectors. On the contrary, we want to be in the consumer products and services, the Internet and wireless, health industries, new energy and new materials industries, conducted in-depth research, and this is the reason we get a certain return. One who wants to invest in the long-term success, it must establish its own core competencies are good in their own industries, cultivate their own knowledge and contacts. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; In these industries we are concerned, there is some government regulation, such as the media industry, the Internet industry, the medical profession; some less regulated, such as the consumer goods industry; and others to a certain extent We must rely on the government, such as new materials, new energy industries. But no matter what the investment industry, I think, most important, the most critical is that we have no choice in the enterprise market competitiveness, there is no sustained growth gene, rather than that it is in the high end or low end, nor is it whether it has been supported by the government. Because between the government supported a number of enterprises, there is a process of survival of the fittest. This process, who survived the execution of the business is to rely on. In the real estate industry, the success of Vanke really need to guide macroeconomic policy, but excel in the management is equally important. Good business is able to continue to grow. In turn, the enterprise itself, shareholders are the State or individuals is not important, the most critical is the enterprise management mechanism have not been established. But for different enterprises, different forms of enterprises determines the different operating mechanism, but one thing is the same, that is, establish enterprise managers, management's incentives. Throughout China's business, I find that they are particularly loves diversity. For diversification, it was recognized, it was criticized, standing investor point of view, I always believed that companies in this industry focus on key lies in whether or not there may be the potential for continued growth. Today, if I were the entrepreneur, the holding company has a 50% sustained growth or growth potential, then I will focus on this industry, and will not consider the withdrawn funds for investment. Why? Because the portfolio companies can ensure 50% growth rate is a doubt. But if the company has only 10% growth per year, then I would consider out of part of the capital, looking for investment opportunities with better returns. Here is the problem reflects a rate of return. As shareholders and management, we should think more about how to build the core competitiveness of enterprises. The key, of course you can extend this core competence, such as in the middle of doing some business at the same time, can be considered to develop upstream or downstream, where the problem lies in a clear understanding of their own strengths and weaknesses, to clear himself in the upstream or downstream while walking in the middle of ability is not strong enough, it is not already set up their own core competitiveness. If these are not available, then to go upstream or downstream effect might be even worse. We invest in Chinese enterprises are mainly two types: one is an early business, the other is the growth of the business. Early investment business, we need to give entrepreneurs more help, of course, we can get a higher return. But even more important is that here, looking at these enterprises from scratch, to assets of more than 500 million, 1 billion, my heart is particularly rewarding that this process is particularly exciting. For example, Pick, we started to invest the time, it is less than $ 1,000 a year profit, but this year its profit of more than $ 8,000. Another example Linon, when we invest in the company's profits is less than three million dollars, and today nearly 20 million US dollars. Pick shops in the second and third tier cities welcomed by a lot of people, Linon vegetable welcomed by consumers in major supermarkets in Hong Kong, Guangdong and Fujian, which are seen to funding role, see capital can play positive social effects. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; in fact, will do a fund success, to find a good combination of points is very important. Over the past four years, we are very lucky, because a large development environment provides us the possibility and opportunity. But four years of experience, for an investment home is also too short for a fund is also too pale. For investors who enter the investment field longer, more abundant accumulation of experience, the ability to control risk will be stronger. As for the fund is concerned, the same is true. Sequoia can finish the year of twenty others the way to go in four years it? Certainly not, so we need time to improve ourselves. Now, Sequoia Capital has invested in more than 50 companies nearly so fast forward a good place, but there are bad places. That is, in fast forward, we may ignore a lot of other things, and that we need to fill in the future. In the past four years, thanks to the cooperation with our partners in the United States, they are 30 years of historical precipitation gave us a lot of help. But Ruth go step by step, we can not put someone three years through the road, completed within a year. Investment is also a culture, need to accumulate cultural heritage, and we are exploring with Chinese cultural characteristics, mature, long-term investment in the road, it takes time to appear. I believe that after four or five years, our investment will certainly be better, as Sequoia Capital, the word stick, the "next investment is the best investment." From a shorter time perspective, I think the investment situation next year will be better than this year, which is not reflected in a particular project, but reflected in our investment philosophy, investment experience and investment precipitation. Of course, to achieve this short-term goal requires our joint efforts, we need to enterprises, entrepreneurs have more observation and a deeper understanding.Nike Lunar Hyperdunk 2012 Low 2013 Spring sale 2013-12-08 22:14:41 After seeing the Nike Lunar Hyperdunk 2012 and simple version of Nike Hyperdunk 2012 Point 5 after a few days ago on the network has exposed the Nike Lunar Hyperdunk will be available in the spring of next year 2012 Low, viewed in the configuration and Nike Lunar Picture Hyperdunk 2012 the same, using the dynamic Flywire technology uses a Lunarlon midsole cushioning, but in the end did not use glass fibers TPU.bring this week shoes foot selection. From the newly revised North Carolina Air Jordan 1 Retro OG High " UNC" to laser Air Jordan 4; from black cement to Air 3 3; to Retro; to Zhan Huang, the classic, to see which one is your favorite. 〈br Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG'UNC' Nike SB Dunk High Pro'Team Red' Air Jordan 4 Retro'Fire Red Laser' Nike Air Max'95 LeBron 12 Low Nike Air Flighposite 2 KG'TB' Nike Air Presto'Marble' Air Jordan 11 Retro'CDP' Air Jordan 3 Retro'Infrared 23' Reebok LX 8500 New Balance 1500'Made In England' Nike Air Max'90 Hyperfuse'Infrared' Nike Air Huarache Light'Ultramarine'