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the impact of the financial crisis on the real economy has gradually emerged, especially the export-oriented enterprises have been seriously affected. How to avoid the ensuing risks and problems, professionals remind that enterprises can use certification and accreditation to circumvent the various foreign market barriers and technical barriers to trade. certification and accreditation system operation, the enterprise standardized production and management, and improve product quality has a positive effect. The day before, Fujian province certification and accreditation work conference held in Jinjiang, experts pointed out that, especially for export enterprises, through the relevant certification and accreditation, plays a significant role in the enterprise to deal with foreign technical barriers to trade. the ability to respond to technical barriers reflects the technological competitiveness of a country, an industry, or an enterprise. The establishment, solution and leap of technical barriers are essentially a deep contest between technological innovation system and technological innovation capability, and should be solved by improving their own competitive ability. Experts pointed out that at present, developed countries have buy cheap jordans online formulated various product certification system, therefore, enterprises should actively carry out international certification, as soon as possible access to the international market "pass"". At present, in order to meet the international market requirements for the export products, the relevant departments are quality certification in China continue to strengthen the international standard feasibility study in our country, and through the procedure of administrative legislation to the relevant international standards into domestic standards, and popularized all over the country. in recent years, Quanzhou City, the relevant departments to vigorously promote the quality, metrology, standardization, social responsibility system certification and accreditation work, and constantly improve product quality, grade and grade to help enterprises. The revision of the city in recent years, many enterprises are also actively involved in national standards and industry standards, on the one hand to fight for their own active voice of the industry, on the other hand, participated in the revision of standards and pay more attention to in line with international standards, to help enterprises to participate in international market competition. current Retro jordans for sale international, many foreign firms are whether the implementation of HACCP international quality certification system partners can provide qualified products as assessment standards, certification system visible in developed countries has become a fact of technical barriers to trade. Jinjiang through a HACCP certification system of food company said, because of the internationally accepted certification system, enterprises have not received the certification before often encounter various problems, until last year through the HACCP certification, this year exports has been relatively smooth, steady rise in exports. (Editor: admin)Earlier we advance the exposure by the wool and leather spliced Air Jordan 12 Wool, and this will not be the sole owner of wool coat style. The day before the network has exposed a wool version of Air Jordan 3 spy, this body is made by wool suspected material cover, interested friends please lock us in the subsequent follow-up reports. item: 854263-004 release date: December 17thPrice: wool-air-jordan-3.jpg (371.82 KB, download number: 1) download Air Jordan Wool version 3 wool 2016-8-3 08:48 Jordan upload, mosaic, coat, the theme of network by Tony in 2016-8-3 08:48 in the 00 generation[Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dyn jordans on sale mens amics] the first three quarters of this year, the first three quarters of Adidas Greater China sales of 900 million euros, 721 million euros compared with the same period last year, an increase of 25% for foreign exchange factors, an increase of 28%, an increase of bit ??????? top six markets. Related analysts said Adidas after 2009 a large inventory of products has been cleared, you can sell more profitable new products, coupled with the number of channels to resume expansion, inroads into the second and third tier cities in the first half of 2010, Adidas in Chinese market return to growth. In the second quarter of this year, achieving an increase in sales of 41%. As of the end of June 2011, the number of stores adidas Group in China over 6000. And by the end of 2010, the figure was 5,600. Adidas channel system, the pricing was significantly lower than the Adidas brand sales NEO products in the Chinese market layout number has reached about 900, this small city for a major Chinese consumers of products and higher prices Adidas brand level with the formation of the portfolio in favor of Adidas penetration to small cities outside of Beijing and Shanghai. Adidas Management expects the same case of calculating exchange rates, the adidas Group in 2011 ful Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale l-year sales will grow by nearly 12%. Compared with the previous year, wholesale revenues are expected to be close to double-digit growth, which Greater China will become the dominant force. director of Adidas Group Greater China General Manager Mr. Gao Jiali said: "Our performance in 2011 has shown that we have irreversibly to the healthy, sustained and strong direction of change in trends in Greater China." ( Chinese shoes network - the most professional and authoritative Footwear News) for the international financial crisis, the European debt crisis and many other adverse factors, in the years of rapid growth and high base, Chengdu's foreign trade situation this year bucked the trend. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Commerce, in the first 1-11 months of this year, the total import and export volume of Chengdu 43 billion 190 million U. s.dollars, an increase of 26.61%. 1-11 months, the city's total export of 27 billion 522 million U. s.dollars, an increase of 33.78%, ahead of schedule to complete the annual export target. foreign investment enterprises lead export Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Commerce relevant person in charge, November month exports 3 billion 171 million U.S. dollars, an increase of 10.46% jordan 3 katrina 2018 , an increase of 20.98%. 1-11 months, the cumulative export of 27 billion 522 million U. s.dollars, an increase of 33.78%, an increase of 26 percentage points higher than the national (7.3%). The first 11 months, the city ahead of schedule to complete the annual export assessment goals and goals. foreign invested enterprises continue to lead the city's exports. In November, foreign-invested enterprises exported 2 billion 372 million US dollars, an increase of 63.87%; total exports of 14 billion 400 million U. s.dollars, an increase of 58.79%, accounting for 52.32% of the city's exports. Among them, the Hong Kong Fujin November exports hit an annual high of 1 billion 860 million U. s.dollars, an increase of 59.38%, an increase of 53.72%. Hong Fujin is Chengdu this year, exports of the largest enterprises, Intel products (Chengdu) Co., Ltd., exports CNPC Chuanqing Drilling Engineering Company Limited followed. the United States remains Chengdu's largest exporter, with exports of $8 billion 211 million 310 thousand to the United States in the first 11 months, an increase of 48.21% over the previous year. Electromechanical, high-tech products grew rapidly, this year, the export of electromechanical products and high-tech products in Chengdu is relativ cheap air jordans ely fast. Mechanical and electrical products accumulated exports of 19 billion 647 million U. s.dollars, an increase of 49.56%, accounting for 71.39% of the city's exports; high-tech products accumulated exports of 14 billion 424 million U. s.dollars, an increase of 54.02%, accounting for 52.41% of the city's exports. In addition, the export volume of pharmaceutical products, clothing and footwear has increased respectively. according to the Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Commerce relevant personage, this year the city's processing trade exports totaled 14 billion 946 million U. s.dollars, accounting for 54.31% of the city's exports. This shows that Chengdu's trade structure is more reasonable, and the processing trade industry transfer effect is obvious. this year, Chengdu foreign contracted project goods also maintained rapid growth, the cumulative export of 1 billion 813 million U. s.dollars, an increase of 119.78%. comprehensive protection area accounted for more than 4 of the province's foreign trade into chengdemian city group is the main force in our province exports, Chengdu is the champion in November this year, Chengdu province's foreign trade import and export accounted for more than 80% share (80.5%))reebok-classic-leather-embossed-camo-p cheap foamposites ack-1.jpg (66.43 KB, download number: 0) download 2013-12-10 11:00 upload reebok-classic-leather-embossed-camo-pack-2.jpg (54.06 KB, download number: 0) download 2013-12-10 11:00 upload reebok-classic-leather-embossed-camo-pack-4.jpg (34.62 KB, download number: 0) download 2013-12-10 11:01 upload reebok-classic-leather-embossed-camo-pack-5.jpg (47.27 KB, download number: 0) download 2013-12-10 11:01 upload reebok-classic-leather-embossed-camo-pack-7.jpg (31.98 KB, download number: 0) download 2013-12-10 11:01 upload reebok-classic-leather-embossed-camo-pack-8.jpg (53.21 KB, download number: 0) 0Last December announced that Rihanna will cooperate with Puma; and took over the brand of women's creative director, in addition to the end of April for the public debut series shot publicity photos, no other news out, recently Rihanna and Travis Scott hip-hop singer; go to the tattoo shop on the way, was photographed thick at the end of on foot; Puma Baskets Rihanna x is suspected of shoes, Puma a new spy outflow. See from the photo, this pair of shoes to the classic Puma Baskets shoes as a blueprint, will replace the muffin bottom thick gum sole also has Riri, earlier love Chanel platform shoes that. At present, the joint se air jordan 11 space jam for sale ries has yet to officially give news, but we are not seen as, for a cooperation more to look forward to? Tennis shoes besides Stan Smith, don't forget there's Air Tech Challenge. said that the Nike Air Tech Challenge series is a very popular series, because it is the relationship between tennis shoes, but in the Nike shoes family history, this is definitely a bipolar, influential shoes. in North America, Air Tech Challenge every year to get attention, will launch a variety of color, such as the May launch of the Air Tech Challenge II Birch birch color, give a person a kind of quiet and elegant feeling, classical gas shows between the lines. Its classic is put there, and now thousands of yuan Air YEEZY series of big bottom design inspiration stems from Air Tech Challenge, then this shoe in the end what kind of history? network will give you love toe toe who talk about history. this is a tennis shoes, first of all to be sure, so John, ·, Mccann, Rhodes name must know, he directly contributed to the Nike Air Trainer 1 original design prototype. This is a pair of shoes designed for the training of various sports. Mcenroe spent countless hours wearing tests to provide effective feedback for Air Trainer 1, which convinced Nike that he has the pot jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black ential to become a signature shoe athlete. As a result, Mcenroe's official signature shoes Nike Air Tech Challenge was released in 1988. the following year another tennis star Agassi Nike has got great attention, so Air Tech Challenge II let Agassi speak, well yes, 1989, when Nike also launched what kind of shoes? Recall, Air Jordan 4 is not very classic? And whether the triangle support design of this shoe in the upper part of the shoe is the same as that of Air Tech Challenge II? Agassi once left the Nike family, until 2013 he was re signed with Nike, this one is a little and we are similar to Yao Ming, after the retirement but continues to work with Nike, Nike has introduced new versions of the Air Tech Challenge II, in order to pay homage to Agassi.Nike KD 7 "All-Star", which we reported earlier, is now on sale. The inspiration for the color scheme of shoes comes from the All-Star game. The shoes are made of simple silver mesh material combined with leather, and they are decorated with bright purple red and pink at the shoelace buckle and heel, and then they are equipped with transparent crystal bottom. in the dark, brand logo toe and reflective effect, so to enjoy, or take a look at the shoes. Nike KD 7 "All-Star" c jordans on sale online olor: Purple / powder / Black / metal silver number: 74258-090 offer price: $170 now the network personal customized version of every kind of shoes, recently exposed a Air Jordan III "Jet Life" version of the new custom color from purple and white shoes, the overall color, add a jet heel logo, and backing gray two colors, a little fresh feeling, love purple friend you can look at this custom basketball shoes oh. 2013-1-9 12:34 upload and download attachments (114.3 KB) 2013-1-9 upload and download attachments at 12:34 (152.26, KB) 2013-1-9 upload and download attachments at 12:34 (147.13, KB) 2013-1-9 upload and download attachments at 12:34 (111.29, KB) 2013-1-9 upload and download attachments at 12:35 (133.11, KB) 2013-1-9 upload and download attachments at 12:35 (120.78, KB) 2013-1-9 upload and download attachments at 12:35 (121.74, KB) & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] there are four in the Spanish men's basketball team in the World Cup was born. September 9, the United States Basketball Championships 4 strong baked, Puerto Rico, Dominica, Mexico, Argentina, the last laugh. As a global strategic partner of FIBA ??and US Championships official sponsor of the Olympic fans let America know a leading international sports brand, also won the local distributor of the pro-Lai. Peak CEO Xu Zhihua (left) and FIBA ??(FIBA) Secretary-General Patrick Baumann (right) signing instrument "Let America US Championships for the first time face to face contact with the fans to Olympic, we are looking forward to the rapid development of the American market." Peak CEO Xu Zhihua said, Americans have amazing athleticism, their sports products, especially high-end sports equipment has great needs, through collaboration with such top US Championships intercontinental tournament, will help further develop the Olympic American market. As a global strategic partner of FIBA, the Olympic year more and more appears on the world's top basketball tournament, a major continental championships protagonist. In fact, he has more than twenty sitting Olympic NBA players in the Americas already have a certain fan base. Olympic partners such as the Miami Heat, in Latin America has a great influence. With the US Championships in depth, more and more dealers came into contact with the Olympic. Currently, Ecuador, Venezuela and other countries agents, has signed an agency agreement with the Olympic brand, began to promote and sell the Olympic brand of clothes, shoes and sports accessories in their respective countries. Pick Pick Ecuador dealers are very excited to form an alliance. He said: "In America, local brands is not much, but competitiveness is not strong, such as the high cost of international Olympic sports brand, has a broad market." (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Center, Media Partner: Clothing Information & nbsp; global fashion brand network)& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Germany Adidas Group recently released its annual report, chairman Herbert Hainer announced that the Group turnover in 2006 grew 52 percent to reach 10.08 billion euros?. Although the acquisition of Reebok after its performance is not very satisfactory, but Heiner expressed confidence to change this situation in 2007. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Adidas turnover fastest growth in North America, an increase of up to 107%, to a total of 3.23 billion euros; in addition, the company's turnover in South America has also greatly increased 53%; turnover in Europe reached 4.16 billion euros. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; 2006, Adidas price $ 3.8 billion acquisition of Reebok USA, this is thought to be the industry leader Nike blew the horn the most violent attack. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; full-year profit rose 26 percent to 483 million euros, but the gross margin of 48.2% in 2005 but never decreased 3.6 percentage points to 44.6%. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Previously, Hainer said the company will in the coming years as Asia's largest market, by 2010, the group's turnover in Asia from the current 2 billion Euro up to 3.5 billion euros, 1 billion euros to achieve a turnover in China, for the next few years in China, Adidas and Reebok store stores will increase to 5000 and 2000. He hopes to go beyond rival Nike, Adidas in the Chinese market within two years. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Nike a recent quarterly reports show that its quarter total revenues of $ 4.2 to bring patent leather upper noble metal texture thick, with the Spike Lee version of almost difference lies in the heel of an identical nature, and the mask with white tongue material presentation, not the director exclusive version of crystal materials. in white tongue sole and support lining under the golden shoe body more visual impact! The outer bottom of the crystal is also injected with gold powder. is expected to be officially on sale at the end of the year, is undoubtedly the back suction eye artifact rate of 300%! One step three back, this pair of shoes will cause a riot! item: 854271-730